One Direction Mobbed By Fans In Paris

One thing’s for certain – Paris loves One Direction! But as this video shows, love can be dangerous. The band was mobbed by thousands of screaming fans as they arrived at the Gare Du Nord train station in Paris, France on Monday (February 20) and in the ensuing melee the boys were pushed and jostled around, requiring French police to clear a safe path for them to walk through.

Lucky for us, the bandmates took to Twitter to break it down as it was happening, and to reassure their fans that they were okay. During the confusion Liam Payne had his sole taken away. He tweeted:

“I lost a shoe :(”

Niall Horan tweeted to his fans during the fracas, to try and calm everyone down:

“All directioners united..everyone stick together! we’re all in this together.. wohoo.”

The, after the incident Niall once again reached out to reassure fans:

‘These things happen..part of what its was really cool today in paris, and as directioners always do ..come out in hundreds..”

“If i ever look nervous..its coz i hate tight spaces..but dont worry, its all cool on my ends.”

Harry Styles couldn’t resist ribbing bandmate Liam:

“Hahaha Liam lost his shoe in the station. That was crazy!! Thanks for coming to see us.”

And Zayn Malik used his tweet to make sure the crowd was appreciated, even if it got a little out of hand: 

“Had a sick day in France today. The fans were #crazy! Thanks to everyone who came to say hi :) x.”

Check out this video shot during the mob scene:

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