Bella Thorne & Zendaya Raise Their Glasses To A Healthy Lifestyle


Bella Thorne and Zendaya partcipated in Walkathon Positivo, a 5K and community event designed to teach families about the importance of exercise and proper nutrition. The Shake It Up co-stars hoisted a big glass of their healthy drink of choice – milk – as they posed for pics and greeted fans.

Celebrity Teen Scoop was there and talked to the girls about their hit Disney series and got some great advice for other teens who may dream of having their own show someday.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: You two have such great chemistry on Shake It Up. Are you as close off-screen?
Zendaya: We’re closer!

Bella: I would say we’re more like brothers off-screen. We’re really chill and we fist pump a lot, mess around and watch TV.

CTS: What would be the most important advice for young people with dreams of ‘making it’?
Zendya: [Make sure] it’s a true passion of yours and something you really believe in. Like for us – or for Rocky and Cece – they really have a passion for dancing, and they didn’t let anything stop them. Of course they had some trials and tribulations along the way but they went for their dreams and that’s what I say you have to do.

Bella: And to make sure you want it – it can’t be just a hobby. It has to be your everything – you have to want it more than anything.

CTS: Who makes you starstruck?
Zendaya: I’ve never met her before, but if I met Beyoncé I would probably cry. I would just fall down on the ground.

Bella: A lot of dance choreographers make me speechless – it’s very embarrassing. But I would also say that If I met Christian Bale, I would be so scared to talk to him!

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Photo credit: Got Milk

  • X

    I don’t know how they do it. They seem to be somewhere all the time. Non stop promoting but I guess you have to make hay while the sun is shining

  • Dr. Evil

    And if it seems they are everywhere even so I love them especially Bella, is very beautiful and lovely.

    • X

      I guess my point is will they burnout?