Dance Moms’ Chloe Lukasiak: Fish Lips


Dance Moms’ Chloe Lukasiak posted a fun and goofy photo on her Twitter page last Sunday (September 2). The 11-year-old dancer Tweeted: “Everyone follow my awesome cousin @TheDWorm.”

Chloe – whose dream is “to be the center Rockette” – is one of the stars in the Lifetime reality show. In an interview with Zap2it in June – Chloe’s mom Christi explained why she and her daughter keep going to the studio even though she butts heads with instructor Abby Lee Miller.

She said, “Isn’t that the million-dollar question? I think the biggest reason is that … Chloe grew up with those girls. Chloe was an only child for eight years. She didn’t have a sister at home, but she had all these girls at the dance studio that were like her sisters. … I can’t take her away from them. I might not always like Abby, but we’re there for so many other reasons.”

As for Miller – there’s good news on her end. Her new show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition is set to premiere on October 9.

The competition series will feature 12 of the country’s most talented girl and boy dancers competing for a $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to the Young Dancer Program at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York.

Joining Miller will be fellow judges Robin Antin, founder of the Pussycat Dolls, and celebrity choreographer Richard Jackson. Kevin Manno of MTV’s The Seven will host.



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  • Jennifer

    chloe you are amazing
    i think u r the best dancer on the team and i don’t think that u should be compared to Maddie
    i also think that Abby is harsh on you guys u are once agin amazing and talented and i can’t wait for the new season i am routing 4 u in your net compititon
    your biggest fan

    • Jennifer

      chloe r u paige BFF,s cause u guys should totaly get a duet


  • Ally

    Chloe is the most amazing dancer in the world in my opinion!!! She is so sweet, funny, smart, talented, beautiful, talented, and amazing. Also so many other things!!! I wish I could meet her and dance with her, as I am a dancer too!!! Team Chloe! But also Team Maddie, Team Paige, Team Brooke, Team Mackenzie, Team Nia, and Team Kendall! I LOVE all the girls, especially Chlo! Keep dreaming Chloe!

  • http://www.Facebook.Com amaya

    Chloe has grace Maddie has face Paige is buety kenzies a cutie Brooke has song
    Nia is strong
    Kendall has sass
    Abbys an…

  • Cameron

    I love you Chloe you are the best dancer I ever seen and I been watching Dance Moms for a long long time and I told my mom that I want to be in dance and she said no because it is a lot of money so instead of doing it I have been watching shows of you, Paige, Brook, Maddie, Nia, Chloe, Kindell , and Mackenzie and I think you guys are the best dancers I ever seen. And I like your song Chloe that you and Maddie did the song is Last Friday Night that is my favorite song and I have been watching videos on my IPod. And I just want to say good job all the girls at Nationals I love the group number and I love all your guys solo’s and everything love you guys great job at every thing keep it up. Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cameron

    Oh and one more thing I love Brooke’s song Mean to me I love that song and you are the best singer I ever herd I love it. And you aways look pretty you are amazing girl you are sweet keep up the good work love the songs. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️