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Fans know Abbie Cobb as the beautiful but shallow cheerleader Kimantha on Suburgatory, but they’re about to see another side to her in her latest film. In the Lifetime movie, Teenage Bank Heist, Abbie‘s character doesn’t have time to worry about her manicure – she needs to focus on just staying alive after being taken hostage during a bank robbery.

The young actress spoke exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about her latest action-packed role, how she prepared for it and what else she has coming up in her busy, busy career.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Your upcoming movie, Teenage Bank Heist sounds like quite a thriller. Tell us a little about it and how you prepared for the role.
Abbie: There’s a whole ‘lotta plot! It’s one terrifying situation after another for my character, Cassi. Being in a bank when a robbery goes down is bad enough, but  being taken hostage, involved in a crash, dodging police, and being on-the-run with a gun in your face? Now that’s another story! I spoke with a few young bank tellers as I was preparing for this movie and they told me about some frightening experiences they’ve had on the job. It was fun to play–but I’m so thankful I’ve never had to go through it in my real life.

CTS: Was this your first time working with Maeve Quinlin, Rosa Blasi and Cassi Thomson? Did you all become fast friends?
Abbie: Yes, this was our first time meeting and working together, and we became instant friends. I feel like such a lucky girl. When you walk in on day one for a project like this you prepare yourself for a difficult working environment, but the second I met these girls I knew it would be a breeze! They were so completely kind and professional. Every single day on set was awesome and I never wanted it to end. Looking forward to my sushi date with them tomorrow, in fact!

CTS: You also play the role of Kimantha on the hit tv show Suburgatory. Is there a little of you in this character or she completely different?
Abbie: Kimantha and I both have blonde hair… and that’s about it! Kimantha says things like, “OMG, I love sparkly shoes. I’m going to wear a pair while we paint our toenails,” whereas I say, “I’m wearing my thrift store pajama pants with holes in them to theatre rehearsal, I hope that’s okay with you.” I’m different in almost every way, which is what makes her so fun to play! I never know what’s coming next for Kimantha. What an awesome name, by the way.

CTS: You’ve worked on a number of dramas, sitcoms, and movies in regular and guest starring roles. Do you enjoy the variety?
Abbie: I absolutely love the variety. In the month of June there was one week where I performed on stage as Jessica in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, then flew out to Santa Fe to play a young pregnant tied-to-the-train-tracks cult victim for Longmire, then watched my episode of True Blood air (playing a sweet young southern gal), then filmed a day as a bossy stuck up high school girl on Secret Life. My career has been jam packed with diversity and I’m so thankful for it. This month I played Kimantha on Suburgatory, an autistic runaway on NCIS:LA, then flew out to shoot a JFK film as Jackie… the variety is a challenge and I’m eating it up!

CTS: You’ve had big success starting at a young age-what keeps you grounded?
Abbie: My church and my friends! My down-home Nebraska roots keep me from getting my priorities mixed up in this crazy industry, and my friends keep me grounded.  Without them I don’t know where I’d be, but it sure wouldn’t be here!

CTS: What do you do to relax and have fun?
Abbie: Diving head first into the theatre community here in LA is a blast. I can tackle roles of all types and genres and find it truly fun and rewarding!

CTS: Who are your role models? Any actors you’d really like to work with?
Abbie: Emma Stone seems like she would be so much fun to work with! I love the variety of roles she tackles.  From Ghosts of Girlfriends Past to The Help, that girl is not afraid to show some range! I also love Kristen Bell, not only because she is crazy talented, but also because she seems like she would be so much fun to work with! YouTube her Ellen interview about sloths and you’ll see what I mean!

CTS: What’s up next for you?
Abbie: Still recurring on Suburgatory and NCIS:LA. The JFK feature I just filmed, The Umbrella Man, comes out next year. When I’m not filming, I hang out with my cat and do theatre here in LA. I’m looking forward to what 2013 has in store… it’s going to be exciting!

Teenage Bank Heist premieres Friday, November 9 at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

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    Abbie Cobb is so gorgeous. I am a big fan. Best of wishes to you , Abbie. 😉