Happy 21st Birthday Shailene Woodley!

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Happy Birthday to Shailene Woodley! The actress – whose film and TV credits include The Secret Life of the American Teenager and The Descendants – turns 21 today (November 15)!

The cast of ‘Secret Life’ recently wrapped its final episode. The new shows will air on March 2013. In a past interview with ASOS Woodley said she’s serious about acting.

She said,  “I don’t pay any attention to all of that stuff. I never have. know nothing about the industry, nothing about the ‘business’ and I intend to always be that way. There are more options coming in for me, but that really doesn’t affect me, because I will never do a movie I’m not passionate about. I’d rather be in a two-minute scene in a phenomenal Meryl Streep movie than the lead of an action-hero film.”

She just landed the role of Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man. Perhaps she spoke too soon? No doubt her career is on the rise!

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  • ShaiFan

    Dislike how you write an article wishing her a Happy Birthday then you go on an diss her for her comment. Who knows maybe she likes Spiderman thats why she choose to do it! Happy Birthday Shailene!!!!

  • Kimberly

    Happy birthday and can i take a moment to say i love the secret life of an american teenager i just cant wait for the next season and hope it isn’t the last one. Also it seems like a long wait till this one airs out (: your a very good actor!

  • HalfandHalfShaiFan

    Hahaha!!! That’s what I’ve been saying. She says she doesn’t want to be famous and yet she signs on for not one but two blockbuster films. Guess being a main is everything for her after all.. Also by the way she’s spoken out against dying her hair so we shall see how she handles Tris and MJ’s roles…But then again this girl wanted to be a herbalist, then a masseuse then she only wanted to do Indie movie and now she’s in blockbusters…She’s against chemically induced foods and eating/drinking out of plastic yet she eats an ice pop out of plastic.. Yeah she does come off hypocritical and fickle at times if not all the time. I think maybe I should change my name from halfandhalfShaiFan to NotAShaiFan..hahaha true article.