Jade Ramsey Heads Back To The ‘House Of Anubis’


Fans of House Of Anubis know Jade Ramsey as the fiery Patricia Williamson in the hit Nickelodeon series about the mysterious boarding house, and are looking forward to seeing the English actress return for her third season on the show.

Celebrity Teen Scoop caught up with Jade and talked exclusively with the 24-year-old to find out a little bit more about her character Patricia – and what exciting adventures are coming up for the entire Sibuna gang.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: The third season of Nickelodeon’s House Of Anubis will be premiering on Jan. 3. Tell us a little bit about the show.
Jade: The show is set in a British boarding school and follows the lives of the students living there. There are the usual ups and downs of teenage life, boyfriend/girlfriend soap stories, also mixed with a strong mystery element.

In the third season, a new girl arrives named KT Rush (Alexandra Shipp) and she is trying to help her grandfather on a mission to stop evil, eventually getting all the Sibunas involved. Eddie this year is the ‘Osirian’ and has powers to foresee the future and aid the group on completing the tasks before it’s too late. Tons of fun and exciting stuff happen this season, and there are some really cool new characters and some interesting relationships :)

CTS: Give our readers some background on your character Patricia Williamson. In real life, what ways are you similar/different from Patricia?
Jade: Patricia is headstrong, quite stubborn at times, not very girly, stands up for herself, strong-willed and witty. I would say I do bear some similarities to her. I can be blunt at times and blurt things out like her, but I would like to think I am a bit more careful with my words than she is.

However, funny enough I feel the more time I have been playing the role of Patricia the more similar we have become. With the writing on the show, sometimes I’m like OMG, I would totally say that in real life, and I guess playing the same character for 10 hours a day for three seasons, maybe a bit of her has rubbed off on me :)

CTS: How did your casting in House Of Anubis come about?
Jade: Well I was living in L.A. at the time, and I got an audition for the part of Nina Martin the U.S. girl. I originally thought there was no point going as I knew they would want a real American if the show was set in England. However I went and did my audition, and then said, “Hey I’m actually from England, can I read for an English part?” The casting directors were real nice and said “We are actually only casting the U.S. parts, so can’t really do that.” I then asked again, and they said yes, and got out a list of the characters descriptions.

I saw Patricia, and thought YEPPPPOOOO I love that one, so I filmed it with them as a cold read. Then about a month later I was at the airport to go to a film festival in Cannes, and my agent phoned and said I had the part. I was shocked, as I only had done one tape audition. I then went to London for a mix and match with all the cast, and vividly remember meeting Alex (Alfie). I was pretty nervous at the mix and match because I thought I had the part, but figured if I messed up and the producers didn’t like me I could get it taken away from me.

My phone kept going off in that audition and I couldn’t switch it off because it was a new phone I couldn’t work. So I remember I just ran out in the middle of the audition and chucked it on the floor and came back in – fortunately that didn’t deter them from casting me.

CTS: Are you a fan of other Nickelodeon shows like iCarly and Victorious?
Jade: Yes, I think Nickelodeon has some really funny shows. When I was really little I loved, loved, loved Kenan and Kel. I would be in hysterical laughter whenever I watched an episode, and I loved All That. I think iCarly and Victorious are very funny, too.  I have met a bunch of the actors from those shows at the [Kids’ Choice Awards] and we visited the iCarly set before!

CTS: Tell us about some of the other shows you’ve been in, and which one was your favorite.
Jade: Before House of Anubis I mainly did films; a lot of horror, playing evil twins with my sister Nikita. All About Evil which we filmed in San Francisco was amazing, and such a fun place to film a movie. I also did a film called The Myth of the American Sleepover which we filmed in Michigan. It was set on one night in a small town showing the lives of an average teenager growing up. It was a really cool, sweet movie.

I can’t really pick a favorite, but House of Anubis has been the longest show I have worked on. I’ve spent a lot of time with the same cast/crew which means we are all so close, and I love spending time and coming to work with everyone on that show.

CTS: What’s a typical day in the life of Jade Ramsey?
Jade: When I am working on Anubis, if I am I’m in the first scene of the day we get picked up at 6.35am. Which means I will jump out of bed after snoozing my alarm for 15 minutes, quickly brush my teeth, get my stuff and run out the door. We get to work at about 7am, have makeup and hair done, change into our costume, have some breakfast and start a line run/rehearsal for the first scene at 8am.

We will then film a number of scenes. Depending on the size of them or how many people they normally take anywhere from 45mins-2 hours. We film a few scenes in the morning, have lunch about 1pmish for an hour – the caterers are good and there’s tons of choices for lunch. (On Fridays they do fish and chips, curry sauce, and steak!)

After lunch we have our hair done and makeup retouched (if I have taken a nap on the set beds, this may take longer as my curls will have squashed.) Then we film more scenes ’til 7pm and then get taken back to our flats. In the evenings we sometimes go out for meals, hang in each other’s flats, order Indian food or just chill and watch television. Then get up and do the same thing the next day!

CTS: Who are some of your role models?
Jade: Hmmm, that’s a really hard question…I don’t really have a favorite anything. I’m constantly changing my mind depending on my mood. I really admire a lot of the great actresses who have kept working consistently – Kate Winslet’s amazing and Helena Bonham Carter – but to be honest I don’t have one particular role model.

CTS: What are you working on that our readers can look for in the future?
Jade: Well I have been filming the third season of Anubis since July and that airs Jan. 3 in the U.S., so that at the moment :) And then when I finish filming, hopefully I will book another job to work on :) x

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Photo credit: Joey Lawrence/Nickelodeon

  • Rahie

    Great interview!! Totally stoked to see her and her new curls in season 3 in 2 days!

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    Love the interview. Can’t wait to see the new season of “House of Anubis” and can’t wait to see Patricia.

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    16? Ummm . . . she’s 24 . . . awkward

  • Jade

    Love you Jade! We even have the same name! I can’t wait to see you in Season 3 tomorrow 😀

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    your my favourite character on house of Anubis, im sooo sad that season 3 has finished :( you and eddie are soo cute together :) ive watched every episode and I love it I really hope theres going to be a season 4 and I hope you and eddie are still going to be going out in season 4 because yous are my two favourite characters and I love you and eddie being together 😀 x