Happy 20th Birthday Ashley Argota!

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Happy birthday to Ashley Argota! The True Jackson VP star turns 20 today (January 9)! She Tweeted: “So many birthday wishes and it’s not even noon. Overwhelmed and thankful. I love you guys. Thank you.”

Yesterday she also said, “All I really want for my birthday is the Lakers to win a game. PLEASE GUYS.”

Ashley recently hosted the Kidz Star USA talent competition. You can watch the episodes online on the Kidzbop site.

Being famous – the actress gets perks such as going on the Nickelodeon cruise. She once shared a crazy fan encounter on the ship.

She told Shine On Media, “There was this girl, I was waiting for the elevator and this girl was coming down the stairs and she saw me. She fell down 3 steps. She completely forgot she was walking down stairs and she just like face planted then ran around the corner because she got really embarrassed. Then she came back around the corner peeking at me. It was really cute.”

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