Supah! Gracie Dzienny Takes On AwesomenessTV’s ‘IMO’


She may play a Supah Ninja on Nickelodeon’s hit show of the same name, but in real life Gracie Dzienny is just your typical teenager who loves crafting, dancing and yoga. Now she’ll bring her ninja powers as a teen to her hosting gig of IMO on AwesomenessTV.

Celebrity Teen Scoop talked exclusively with Gracie about her new show – that she co-hosts with Meaghan Dowlin, Teala Dunn and Audrey Whitby – and about some exciting things she has coming up for 2013. Supah!

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Tell us about IMO on AwesomenessTV.
Gracie: IMO is a daily talk show on AwesomenessTV that talks about all things
 going through a teenage girl’s mind. Celebrities, school, style, and
 self-confidence are a few of the many topics we cover.

CTS: How did your involvement with AwesomenessTV come about?
Gracie: I have been lucky enough to work with the creators of AwesomenessTV on 
my Nickelodeon show, Supah Ninjas. They told me about the show about a
 year ago and I thought it was a perfect fit for me!

CTS: How did you, Meaghan, Teala and Audrey first meet?
Gracie: Well Meaghan and I met virtually on a Skype call AwesomenessTV set up.
 But, we actually hit it off the very first day of filming.

 I met Teala briefly at the Puss n Boots premiere for a total of 30 
seconds and ended up at her birthday party a week later! Haha! We
 danced the night away and have been really close ever since. 

I actually met Audrey at Teala’s birthday as well! We really got to
 know each other on the IMO set though.

CTS: You’re also on Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas. Tell us what it’s like working
 on this popular show.
Gracie: Supah Ninjas is a blast! I have learned so much over the past two
 seasons. The boys are like brothers to me. I couldn’t imagine a better 
job in the world!

CTS: Will you continue to be involved with Supah Ninjas as well as IMO?
Gracie: Yes, I will continue to do both as long as they last.

CTS: How did you get your start in the business?
Gracie: My very first role was actually Amanda McKay in Supah Ninjas. I had 
done a lot of modeling over the summers in NYC before that, though.

CTS: Do you remember your very first audition? If so, share that story with us.
Gracie: One of my very first auditions was actually for the Nickelodeon show
 Bucket and Skinner. I spent an entire day shopping for the perfect 
outfit and when I got in there I was about a foot shorter than
 everyone and didn’t remember one of my lines! It was horrible! Haha!

CTS: What are some of your hobbies?
Gracie: I am very crafty. I love baking, painting, crafting, drawing, and
 sewing. I also love trying new things! Some of my favorite activities 
are hiking, martial arts, dancing, and yoga.

CTS: Who would be your dream co-star?
Gracie: I would love love loveeee to work with Anne Hathaway. She is simply 
amazing. Emma Stone would be incredible too!

CTS: What exciting projects do you have coming up that we can look forward to?
Gracie: Season 2 of Supah Ninjas is coming to Nick in early 2013 and I also
have a brand new show on AwesomenessTV called, To DIY For, it is all 
about do-it-yourselfs and crafts!

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