Selena Gomez & Josh Hutcherson Flirting At Golden Globes After Party?


Selena Gomez looks like she’s over Justin Bieber. The Spring Breakers actress was spotted having fun with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Sarah Hyland and Josh Hutcherson at the Golden Globes after party on Sunday (January 13).

Vanessa Hudgens shared a photo of the two and blogged: “Taken on the way to the Golden Globes after party! I obviously sat next to an angel. Lol. #NoFilter”

A source told that Selena and Josh Hutcherson flirted at the bash thrown by Harvey Weinstein.

“She was dancing and flirting with Josh,” the source said. “[Vanessa] was there to witness it. Selena was dancing and having lots of fun and flirting with Josh.”

The eyewitness revealed, “Vanessa needed to go to the bathroom and asked me where the restroom was, and I told them both [Vanessa & Selena] and they went. Josh followed them, and Selena and Josh left the Beverly Hilton together. Justin is in no way on her mind whatsoever.”

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  • Amanda

    That’s wrong. Josh and Selena wasn’t flirting, Selena was flirting with Josh. The reason why is obviously that she’s desperate. I mean, look! She can’t even take a tiny break after the breakup with Justin. Apparently she has to have a boyfriend all the time… And I think she only flirts with Josh because she wants to make Justin jealus. That’s not fair to Josh AT ALL. So stop it, Selena!

  • Desi

    Totally true selena is a slut and should really stop making her self vulnerable to the world I honestly think she used justin to keep her fame with a gazillion times more of it she has NO HEART. Plus while they were together she would slap him and always say mean things to him….point proven