Cody Simpson Is Well Suited


Cody Simpson is really animated these days. The ‘Paradise’ singer has discovered the joy of GIFs, and has been busy making and posting them via Twitter.

His last one showed him recreating a scene from the movie Rocky. This latest shows him going from bare-chested to dressed for a show. The caption simply said, “Suited.”

In a recent interview the 16-year-old talked about what he likes to do in his free time (besides making GIFs.) “It kinda depends on whatever city I’m in. My down time really comes when I’m in LA.” Cody said.  “I’m usually surfing – it takes my mind off the craziness that surrounds me 24/7.  I usually go down to the best spots in LA super early, before all the people are there.  It really clears my mind, chills me out.

“I’m also back in Australia twice a year.  I grew up on the beach, surfed all the time.  All of my best mates are really good surfers.  I like going back for Christmas and throwing some really awesome parties.”

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