Giveaway: Whitening Lightning Mane Colors Hair Extensions

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Do you want to dye your hair funky and unique colors, but do your parents keep saying “no”? Whitening Lightening Mane Colors has the perfect solution! These hair extensions combine flashy colors and hot patterns that clip right in and out of your hair in seconds. Finally…an innovative and quick (and parent-approved!) way to add pizazz to your hair and express your unique personality!

Mane Colors are the hottest trend for your hair. The 16″ length extensions use only the highest quality synthetic hair, and they can be cut to fit any hair, long or short. Built on a toupee clip, the extensions hide perfectly under any color or thickness of hair. They clip in and out in a snap, so you can wear a different color for morning, noon, and night!

Each pack retails for $49.00. For more info on Whitening Lightning Mane Colors hair extensions, visit their website.

Two lucky winners will win pack of Mane Colors hair extensions. Each pack contains 5 racy colors: hot pink, neon green, white, purple and red.

There are three ways to enter. Enter all three ways for multiple entries:

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Please note, this contest is open to US residents only and winners must supply a street address.  Entries taken through Wed., Feb. 6th, 7pm EST. Good luck!

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  1. Lydia Harpe

    I would definitely rock these, they’d fit right into my brown hair!

  2. Lydia Harpe

    I like Celebrity Teen Scoop on facebook too =)

  3. Lydia Harpe

    I follow @Celebrity Teen Scoop on twitter…my twitter name is @LydiaInTheHouse

  4. Tina

    These are just too cute! Love them and would love to win them. Thanks

  5. Adrienne gordon

    my daughter would love these.

  6. Danai

    I would really love to win these for my daughter. She is always doing something fun and different with her hair.

  7. Danai

    Following CTS on Twitter (traumajunky)

  8. Rosanne Morrison

    Follow Celebrity Teen Scoop on Twitter-rosannepm

  9. Rosanne

    Like Celebrity Teen Scoop on Facebook -Rosanne Morrison

  10. Rosanne

    I have a granddaughter who would love these

  11. brittney

    i would love to win these for my daughter!
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  12. darla

    I do put colors in my hair, but dark brown hair is hard to get good bright colors. This would be perfect.

  13. Robin Abrams

    I have followed on twitter . Love this my granddaugher wants these bad

  14. Robin Abrams

    I have Liked Celebrity Teen Scoop on Facebook

  15. Robin Abrams

    I have also tweeted this contest for all my friends. I would love to win these for my granddaughter

  16. dawn lightfoot

    my granddaughters would love this,looks great!

  17. Kim Burnett

    These are just too cute

  18. Cindy Hess

    My niece will LOVE this!!!

  19. Ashley Nolan

    I love the look of these extensions very stylish!

  20. Ashley Nolan

    I followed on twitter @freebiesbin

  21. Ashley Nolan

    I followed on Facebook under (Jessica White)

  22. My daughter would love these! She would be beside herself with happiness if I won these. She is constantly talking about wanting hair extensions and these having color she would flip!

  23. I followed Celebrity teen scoop My twitter is @susanbroughton5

  24. I “Liked” Celebrity Teen Scoop on Facebook.

  25. I liked Celebrity Teen Scoop on Facebook. My daughter would love for me to win this!!

  26. LunaRaven

    These are wonderful! I have some hair feathers that would look great if paired with these.

  27. Kathy B

    Following on twitter @kathyskontests

  28. Kathy B

    These would be perfect for Bonnaroo, pick me please :)

  29. Julie Thompson

    FB liked , pinned , Googled + ya thank you for the giveaway

  30. Deborah Mireles

    I would love t win this I followed on twitter and liked on facebook!

  31. tiffany lane

    my daughter would rock these

  32. Michelle Little

    These would go very well with my daughters “funky” personality.

  33. Breanna Clewley

    I love the crazy pattern ones!

  34. dani marie

    those look like so much fun!

  35. dani marie

    twitter follow @xferriza2

  36. Denise Welch

    My granddaughter would love these Thanks

  37. Amber Porter

    My daughter would love these and I must say they would look cute in her hair.

  38. Amber Porter

    follow on twitter

  39. Amber Porter

    like you on facebook
    amber porter

  40. amber rowland

    I would love to win these!!!!!!!

  41. My daughter would love these!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  42. I follow you on Twitter @coriwestphal (

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  43. I like you on Facebook: Cori Eckstrom Westphal (

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  44. Karen T Gonyea

    Such a fun accessory :)

  45. Anna H

    These look like so much fun! Thanks for the recommendation. Whitening Lightning Mane definitely has a new customer. Thank you for the awesome giveaway. I can wait to try these hair extensions one day. I’ll be sure to tell all of my friends!

    vazngurla [at] yahoo [dot] com

  46. jeanne conner

    my daughter would love these..

  47. jeanne conner

    I follow via Facebook as jeanne fairbanks conner

  48. Karen F

    Follow Celebrity Teen Scoop on Twitter – @01GAramairTA

  49. Amy Lee

    So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Amy Lee

    I’m a twitter follower (machina328)

  51. christine marie

    I liked celebrityteenscoop on Facebook

  52. christine marie

    I would totally rock these

  53. kelly carlisle

    liked and tweeted! :) kellybelly888

  54. Pietra

    I follow on Twitter (at)babydollp77

  55. Pietra

    I would totally rock these extensions! Thank you!

  56. Alexandra Roach

    I love the purple extensions!

  57. Alexandra Roach

    I liked them on fb
    alexandra roach

  58. amy delong

    would love to try these!

  59. richelle bowers

    my daughter has been wanting these

  60. susan smoaks

    twitter follower @fdp4life
    fb fan tony l smoaks

  61. Julie Lutz

    I follow you on twitter under @julseycar74cp

  62. Julie Lutz

    I would love to have these for my daughter

  63. Julie Lutz

    I like u on facebook as julescar74contestpage

  64. Joy Q

    Liked Celebrity Teen Scoop on Facebook (Joy Quinnan)

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    Following Celebrity Teen Scoop on Twitter (@joyq74)

  66. cassandra mccann

    i follow and like

    My sister would love these because it would end the teenage fight of can i dye my hair……. I would love this for myself so we would share

  67. Ashley Watson

    Third and final step completed

  68. heather c

    These are the coolest! I would rock them, I think.

  69. Kaylee

    I think these would really fit my personality c:

  70. OMG ! This is very helpful, my mom wont to hear about dying my hair pink or green, i must tell her for this hair extensions. Thank youuuu!!!

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