Jennifer Lawrence On SAG Awards Gown Mishap: “My Pants Fell Off!”

The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

It was a memorable night in more ways than one when Jennifer Lawrence won for Best Actress at the SAG Awards last Sunday (January 27). As the Silver Linings Playbook star started to climb the stairs to accept her award, her Dior gown appeared to rip. Jennifer hadn’t seen any footage of the mishap, and had this to say when she saw the video on Piers Morgan Tonight.

“My pants fell off!” she exclaimed, cringing. “Somebody trips me on the way, I remember that,” she says, as she dissects each frame of the video. “I’m keepin’ it together, keepin’ it together … and then my pants fall off! Yep! Oh, god.” (Check out a video of the incident after the jump.)

It turns out the dress didn’t actually ‘rip.’ The gown is three-tiered garment, and when Jennifer hitched it up to climb the stairs she merely gathered up the top tier only, revealing a four-inch gap. The ‘hole’ was really a panel of sheer mesh lining underneath the top tier.

Here’s some footage of Jennifer‘s wardrobe malfunction that wasn’t really a wardrobe malfunction:

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