Keeping Up With Khloé Kardashian And ‘Generation Know’


It’s not easy to keep up with Khloé Kardashian – between her reality shows, her clothing and fragrance lines and her gig on the X Factor, she seems to be everywhere these days. And now she’s got another project to fit in to her schedule: Inspired by her younger sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the 28-yer-old is partnering with the U by Kotex Generation Know program to empower young girls to take charge of their health and bodies.

Khloé spoke exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about her exciting new endeavor, and filled us in on all the other things going on in her busy world. Just try and keep up!

Celebrity Teen Scoop: What is U By Kotex Generation Know? Tell us about your involvement with the project.
Khloé: U by Kotex is a brand that I’ve been partnered up with for the past three years now. It is all about women empowerment. You can go to, which is an online forum where women can ask questions and share the stories they want to tell. It’s all about health and their bodies. You can learn more about your own body and share tricks of the trade. When my little sisters were going through puberty, they asked me a bunch of questions. For example, my sister asked, “If you use a tampon, does that mean you are not a virgin anymore?” and she wondered about other myths. Generation Know helps women get the truth and the facts about their own bodies, and it really encourages women to be empowered to make a change. I love that U by Kotex is doing this in a modern-day way via social media, since computers and social media are obviously the way of the world right now, especially to the younger generation.

I was asked to partner with U by Kotex three years ago. My family and I were very open and honest on Keeping Up With The Kardashians a few years ago, and I think my younger sisters were a little too young for the partnership. I am five years younger than Kourtney and three and a half years younger than Kim. When I was going through puberty, I did not feel comfortable enough to talk to my older sisters about my transition. I felt that they were too cool for school at the time and I was kind of embarrassed to talk to my mom. I did eventually ask my mom some questions, but I was very vague. I made it a point to be very honest with my little sisters and give them information before they would ask. I let them know that they could ask me whatever they wanted. My mom had Kendall at 40 and Kylie at 41, so she was older. I just wanted the girls to know that they could come to me. I think U by Kotex is a very organic, natural fit. I do believe in women empowerment, knowing about your body, and being comfortable in your own skin. That is everything that this brand represents and it is so seamless for me to be a part of it.

CTS: How can our readers get involved with Generation Know?
Khloé: You can log onto and help by joining. For every person who gets involved, money is donated to the nonprofit organization Girls for a Change, up to $500,000. It really helps us all on our mission for women empowerment.

CTS: What’s coming up in the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?
Khloé: We haven’t started filming that yet. Right now it is Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, which is airing right now. We have not started filming Keeping Up yet. I do not know.

CTS: First there was ‘Unbreakable’ and then ‘Unbreakable Joy.’ What can we expect to see next in your unisex fragrance line?
Khloé: We have the fragrance ‘Unbreakable Love’ that is going to be released around Valentine’s Day. ‘Unbreakable Joy’ was a limited edition, and I am very excited to say that it is already sold out. We have only a few bottles left that are in the stores that purchased it. It is a great honor to us to have something that sold out so quickly. They are all different scents, but they are in the same family. I actually have an appearance in Downey, California for ‘Unbreakable Love’ on February 8th.

CTS: Tell us about your clothing line, where do you get your design inspirations?
Khloé: My sisters and I get design inspiration from everywhere. We make all of our prints in our own factory. We own them 100% outright and they are completely one-of-a-kind. We love interior design, and if we see wallpaper print we like or we’re walking by an art studio, we’ll snap a picture on our iPhone or BlackBerry just to get inspiration for prints and stuff like that. We go through all of the fashion magazines too. We look and pull out pages where we love the silhouettes of things. It’s a group process. We have three similar tastes that are also different. We all have to agree on something, which is sometimes a challenge. The more that we do the grind, the more confident that we are and the better we work together.

CTS: Have you settled into your X-Factor hosting gig? How do you like it?
Khloé: I have settled into it. I truly love doing X Factor and I love the opportunity. I feel like Simon did not want me to take any hosting training lessons. He wanted me to just be me and he hired me just for my personality, which I love. He took an amazing leap of faith. I feel like at first I was kind of thrown into a lion’s den and I had to fight my way out of it, but I felt like with every show, I was getting better and better and my confidence was getting higher and higher. I love doing it and I am so grateful for the opportunity, and I hope I will continue to do some hosting.

CTS: What’s the most memorable performance you’ve seen so far on the show?
Khloé: I really liked Vino Alan. He was the guy with the tattoos everywhere that got voted off early. I cannot remember which song it was that he performed, but I think it was the week right before he got voted off.

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