Callan McAuliffe Takes Off With ‘Kite’

Callum Mcauliffe

For Callan McAuliffe, the sky’s the limit. The 18-year-old actor recently won the ‘Breakthrough Of The Year’ award at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards Australia (the youngest winner in the history of the coveted awards) and just wrapped filming on two highly-anticipated movies – the coming-of-age film Blue Potato and Baz Lurhman’s The Great Gatsby.

Now with his casting in a lead role alongside Samuel L. Jackson in the movie Kite, it looks like Callan‘s career is really about to take flight. He spoke exclusively with Celebrity Teen Scoop about the film – based on a Japanese anime – and gave us some background on his edgy, streetwise character Oburi.

Celebrity Teen Scoop: Congratulations on your recent casting in Kite. What is the film about?
Callan: It’s based on a Japanese anime by an icon in Japan named Yasuomi Umetsu, who wrote KITE. India Eisley plays a girl who has seen her family killed when a child. She and her childhood friend Oburi (me), meet up in their later teens to battle a changed world together. Oburi is the protector of Sawa (played by India Eisley) and the key adult Samuel L Jackson plays the role of a perceived leader of the community.

CTS: Tell us about your character, Oburi.
Callan: Oburi – is a protector, he has seen a lot more death than anyone should see in the world that changed from his childhood. He comes back into Sawa’s life to see the journey through with her.

CTS: Will you be pulling from any existing film characters to inspire you in your role?
Callan: No – this is an entirely new character which makes it very appealing. I really enjoy becoming someone else and this film allows that to happen.

CTS: Are you looking forward to working with Samuel L. Jackson? Have you ever worked with him before?
Callan: You bet – can’t wait to work with him. This is a first. His experience and wisdom will be amazing to work with. I can’t but benefit from working with such a talented actor and also someone who seems to be a really, really nice guy.

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  • Hettie

    Congratulations to all and also my daughter who plays young SAWA in this cast. May this be a wonderful experience to you all working with Mr Jacson and a wonderful crew, cast and Director.