Selena Gomez Promotes ‘Spring Breakers’ In Paris

Selena Gomez Greets Fans As She Leaves Her Hotel

Paris loves Selena Gomez — and her new movie Spring Breakers! The actress was mobbed by fans as she left her hotel in the City Of Lights on Sunday (February 17). Selena is in town with co-stars – and besties – Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens to promote their upcoming film.

In a recent interview about the movie, the 20-year-old talked about taking her bikini scenes in stride. “It’s so funny,” she said, hinting that her co-stars may have been a little more concerned with their beach bods. “The rest of the girls were in their trailers doing crunches. But I didn’t mind. People take pictures, people have opinions—I wasn’t there for that. I was playing a character. So I just completely indulged myself in that.”

Selena also stressed that the R-rated Spring Breakers might not be for her usual fans. “I know that I have a younger following, and I so appreciate that and I’m so thankful for that,” she said. “But when I see the parents, I’m like, ‘Maybe they don’t go and see this one.'”

Talking about her older fans, Selena says she is grateful they appreciate her desire to break out of her usual Disney fare. “I feel like I didn’t give them enough credit, because they understood what this film was. It’s an art piece, and it’s real, and it’s so raw,” she said. “I think they’re going to understand why I did it.”

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