Max Schneider Does A Harlem Shake Video!


Had enough of all the Harlem Shake videos? Well, surely you have room for one more – especially if it’s from Max Schneider. The How To Rock star – who is most known for his clever videos he makes with Victoria Justice – posted a video on Wednesday (February 20) and credited it to ‘Max Schneider And The Babes.’ Earlier he teased it on Twitter by posting a production pic and writing:

“Super excited for the new video coming out this Saturday and for our Harlem Shake Video coming out tomorrow…it’s gonna be cray cray!”

Check out the video after the jump!

Speaking of videos, Max‘ admirers – who call themselves ‘Schneider Monkeys’ – are on a mission to get their man on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and even made a short film urging the powers-that-be to make it happen.

After seeing the video titled #MaxOnEllen, the singer/actor tweeted a thank-you to his fans. “Wow I’m seriously overwhelmed with happiness right now. I love you guys so much. I truly mean that. You’re amazing.”

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