Bonzie Jams Out With Her Debut Album

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The newest teen singing sensation is here! Bonzie AKA the seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter from Nina Ferraro recently premiered her lead track “Data Blockers” on Bonzie’s debut album Rift Into The Secret of Things is out August 13 and she’s set to perform in three upcoming New York City shows starting March 28!

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently chatted with the up-and-coming singer about her lead track “Data Blockers,” her debut album, and how she is preparing for the shows. Bonzie also gave great advice for other teens thinking of getting into song-writing and singing!

CTS: Tell us about your new lead track “Data Blockers.” What’s the inspiration behind the song?

Bonzie: Data Blockers was a song that I wrote about modern control.  I wanted Data Blockers to convey the oxymoron of paralyzing awareness.  I never thought of the song as having two parts.  Part one and part two were never separate.  Structurally I wanted the song to fight itself, in a way.  Playing it live, it changes from show to show.  It’s been 10+ minutes long at times… but I kept it to 6 minutes for the album.

CTS: Your debut album is coming out in August.  What can fans expect?

Bonzie: It’s a very dynamic album, far more than my previous self-released EP.  A few years ago I noticed a shift in my approach to writing music.  When I sent my songs to Will before recording, he had to take a couple days to just sit and listen.  It just covers a lot of different ground.  I wanted to create something that you could listen to, beginning to end, and feel like you went somewhere.

CTS: Where did the name Bonzie come from?

Bonzie: Bonzie is a word I created that I have been associating with my different projects for a while.  It was only a matter of time before it became my moniker.  It seemed inevitable to the people who know me.

CTS: How are you dealing with fame at 17 years old?  Are you able to stay grounded?

Bonzie: I’m just glad to be doing what is natural to me.  Grounding yourself is to realize your insignificance, which, in turn, makes you feel confident from an organic place.  I realize that.

CTS: How long have you been singing and song-writing, and how did you get your start?

Bonzie: I started singing and songwriting when I was 8 or 9.  I kept it a secret for a few years.  I remember thinking to myself that it wasn’t the right time to make it public yet; I was probably right.  The first original song I played for someone, I told them it was a cover of some pop artist’s song.  I thought I was creating some kind of force field if the listener didn’t know it was mine.  Sort of like Bonzie before Bonzie.  I did that for a while until something shifted and I needed to release my music as my own.  Once I started, I was hooked.

CTS: How are you preparing for your upcoming performances in NY?

Bonzie: I’m really excited.  My band and I have been preparing for the past couple months.  I’m playing a song off the album that has never been heard before, and that’s always exciting.   I’ve been hearing amazing things about the three venues I’m playing.  The Living Room venue streams live to The Loft on Sirius XM radio.  I can’t wait to get out there and play.

CTS: What are you doing when you’re not singing, writing or performing?  How do you relax?

Bonzie: Growing up in Wisconsin there were a lot of forested areas.  When it wasn’t below freezing, I would go with my dog, look for hawks, etc.  During winter… Reddit?

CTS: Who are your role models?

Bonzie: Musically… I like artists who are trailblazers in my eyes.  Jim O’Rourke has made great sounding records.  Conor Oberst is a phenomenal artist as well.  Non-musically, anyone who has had to make their situation work for them.

CTS: What advice do you have for young people thinking of getting into song-writing and singing?

Bonzie: Do it.  It’s hard for teenagers, especially, to scrape the walls of the norm.  The standard is  extremely narrow for what we’re supposed to be into.  Check your incentives.  If they don’t involve your peers or your parents, then go for it.

CTS: What other projects are you working on?

Bonzie: I just did a live in-studio performance video at Electrical Audio Studio, which was such a blast to make.  My friends Neil Strauch engineered it and filmmaker Jack Lawrence Mayer filmed it.  My band and I played a couple songs off of Rift Into The Secret Of Things; it was fun.  That’ll be up on the BonzieMusic YouTube page soon.  I also just sketched the cover of Catholic High School, a single I released in February.  Also, I do unannounced acoustic sets at some different spots in Chicago from time to time.  And, of course, the New York City tour starting March 28th!  Excited about that.

Catch Bonzie at one of her upcoming New York City shows:
3/28/13                New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall – 7pm
3/29/12                New York, NY @ Arlene’s Grocery – 8pm
3/30/12                New York, NY @ The Living Room – 7pm


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