Oops He Did It Again: Justin Bieber Arrives Three Hours Late For Concert


Looks like Justin Bieber will have some more ‘splaining to do. Last month the popstar angered fans and their parents when he showed up two hours late for a London concert. Now it’s being reported that the ‘Believe’ singer hit the stage a full three hours late for a concert last week in Germany.

Apparently many of his young fans couldn’t wait and had to leave the April 5 concert early, causing many of them to break down in tears. Even worse, they say Justin never even apologized for being late.

“Justin Bieber was too late for his concert yesterday, i saw girls crying because they [had] to [leave] because [they’re under] 15,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan (or maybe an ex-fan) scolded the 19-year-old, writing, “@justinbieber The concert today in Dortmund was a big joke. How you can come 3 hours too late and don’t say sorry?! Who do you think you are?!”

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