Victoria Justice Answers Her Fan’s Promposal


Earlier this month Victoria Justice was asked to prom by fan Max Whitmore. The New Jersey high school student got the help of classmates and teachers in the making of his ‘promposal’ video that he hoped would convince Victoria to be his date for the May 11 event.

Victoria was flattered by Max’ offer and wrote on Twitter, “I’ve been PROMposed to! U guys have 2 see this @whitmoremax you’re adorable & so charismatic! What do u guys think?”

So what is Victoria‘s answer? Find out in the video after the break!

The Victorious star starts off by thanking Max for his charming promposal. “Thank you so much for making that amazing proposal video it was incredible!” she says.

Sadly, Victoria won’t be able to make it to prom, but has a much better offer for Max. “As much as I would love to go to prom with you, I unfortunately could not make things work for that weekend,” she starts off.

“But, I do fly to ny frequently and the next time I’m in town I’d love to grab lunch with you,” she says.

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