Austin Mahone & Daniella Monet: Tweethearts


Austin Mahone posed with Victorious actress Daniella Monet and posted the pic on Thursday (April 18) along with these sweet words: “Met the beautiful @DaniellaMonet.”

The YouTube star will probably be posting some pics posing alongside another beautiful girl soon – he’s about to go on tour with Taylor Swift. “Getting ready for The Taylor Swift tour! #Rehearsals,” he tweeted a few hours later.

In a recent interview with Celebrity Teen Scoop Austin talked about touring with the ’22’ singer. “I’m really looking forward to hanging out with Taylor and performing with her  – and having a blast because I’ve never been on a tour before!” he said.

The 17-year-old talked about being starstruck when he first met Taylor. “I met her a year ago in Nashville. I was at this little coffee shop and she walked in and I was like, ‘Omigod it’s Taylor Swift,'” he says.

“So I walked up and asked, ‘Are you Taylor Swift’ and [when she said ‘yes’] I was like, ‘Hey, my name’s Austin Mahone and I’m a huge fan. Can I take a picture with you?’ And she said,’Sure!’ he recalls.

“She was really nice. I told her I was on YouTube and she said, ‘That’s cool keep it up and work hard.’ And a year later I’m going on tour with her!”

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