Demi Lovato: Sundays Are Her Fundays


Demi Lovato plays favorites. When it comes to days of the week, that is. The singer admits that she’s partial to one day in particular. Posting the triptic above she wrote, ” “Sundays are my favorite.”

In a recent interview Demi talked about her injury earlier this year – she had a broken ankle and was in a boot for weeks – and how it inspired the video for her new single ‘Heart Attack.’

“I’m not moving around that much,” Demi says, “but I guess it was good because I was able to perform more through my face and my emotions and my body language.”

The 20-year-old says that she wanted the look of the video to be “sophisticated, yet rocker and chic all at the same time.” Hear Demi talk about the video and see what went on during filming in this behind-the-scenes look:

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