The Real World’s Nia Moore: “I Haven’t Found It Difficult To ‘Get Ahead'”


MTV’s The Real World is back for its most exciting season yet! This season is set in Portland, Oregon and features a hilarious cast of diverse and unpredictable individuals. One of the new cast members is Nia Moore, a sports enthusiast and thrill seeker from the south who isn’t afraid to tell the other house members how it is!

Celebrity Teen Scoop chatted with Nia about what it was like to leave her suburb life to go to college in bustling Washington, D.C., how she feels about her post-college life, and the inspiration for her new book. Nia also shares important college dating safety tips!

CTS: Being sheltered in a small town has its perks. What was the most difficult thing to adjust to when you left for college in DC?

Nia: DC is more fast-paced and diverse than the suburb I grew up in, but I felt like it was an easy adjustment. Being in a predominately black school and neighborhood was new for me, but I loved it because it allowed me to get more acquainted with my own black culture and heritage.

CTS: You graduated with high honors from Howard University, yet you have found it difficult to get ahead in your professional life.  What lessons have you learned from previous employers that can lay the path to success in your future?

Nia: I haven’t found it difficult to “get ahead.” Rather, I feel like I am ahead and have accomplished everything I’ve set out to do thus far. I’m just taking a different road than what my parents and peers probably would have liked me to take. At the end of the day, I’m living by my own rules for Nia and I’m happy with where I’m headed!

CTS: College dating can be a dangerous activity, and you experienced that firsthand.  What safety tips would you share with young women going away to college for the first time?

Nia: Limit the amount of drinking you do socially and know your limit, especially around strangers and in public. Also, never go anywhere alone at night. If you don’t have another person to go with you, always have someone you can call in case of any emergency and always be aware of your surroundings.

CTS: You are an aspiring young writer. What was the inspiration for your book – a guide on how to find, date and keep a professional athlete?

Nia: It had never been done before, or at least told from my perspective. I created an instructional guide on how to find and keep what you want. A lot of women want to date professional athletes, and there are many justifiable reasons for that. Being attracted to athletes doesn’t make you a gold digger. That’s where the story begins but far from where it ends.

CTS: Your parents have been openly disappointed in your post-college path.  What do you hope they will learn about you that will change their point of view?

Nia: I love and honor my parents, but I do not live for them. If I chose the path they thought was best for me, I’d be sitting in a little cubicle at NBC writing dull and pointless articles for peanuts. I have my own endeavors and goals, and I’m going after them with or without their support. Unapologetically. They love me, and I know they’ll come around. They are just being parents. [laughs]

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