Will Justin Bieber Be Charged With Battery?


It’s not a good time to be Justin Bieber. The popstar is having a rough few months, being skewered by the media, fighting with paparazzi, angering parents of his young fans and even getting scolded by his own grandpa.

Now it’s being reported that Justin might be facing battery charges stemming from a fight with an L.A. neighbor in March. Good grief, Justin – put on your shirt and stay in the house!

The 19-year-old was on a break from his ‘Believe’ tour, when he got in an argument with a neighbor who had complained that Justin was driving his brand-new Ferrari recklessly through their neighborhood. After the neighbor confronted the singer, things got heated and reports say that Justin spit on the man.

Last month Justin‘s manager Scooter Braun came to the defense of the teen superstar, saying he was just a kid sowing his oats. “He’s incredibly busy, and I just left the road to come here,” Scooter said. “And he’s in a really good place and he’s just onstage and then he just goes back home, literally, writes songs, hangs out.”

“He’s just a normal kid having a good time and, you know, I think a lot of people have been taking shots lately. But I think he’ll overcome that and, long-term, people will see what it is and he’ll express himself in the music.”

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