Ed Sheeran Meets Psy At The Billboard Music Awards


Ed Sheeran had big plans for the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night (May 19). Besides performing his hit ‘Lego House’ the singer was determined to hang out with a certain musician – Psy, of ‘Gangnam Style’ fame. Before the awards Ed tweeted, “Day of billboard shenanigans. my goal is to have a drink with Psy, coz he seems like a lad.”

And did the English musician get to toast the Korean superstar? Looks like it, since he posted this pic and wrote, “Mission. Accomplished.”

At the awards Ed brought down the house (and made the girls swoon) with his understated, acoustic version of ‘Lego House.’

In an interview with Billboard magazine the ‘A Team’ singer joked about how his set would be tame compared with other flashier awards show acts. “Don’t expect much from the performance — I don’t have any dancers, or a backing band,” Ed said. “But I do have some Christmas lights around my feet, so that’s exciting.”

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Photo credit: Instagram

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