The Wanted Don’t Hold Back On ‘Watch What Happens’

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The Wanted – minus Nathan Sykes – appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens on Thursday night (May 30). Host Andy Cohen posted a photo and threw questions at the boys regarding topics like groupies and One Direction. Asked who their celebrity crushes are Max George replied, “Lindsay Lohan.”

“That’s been fully realized, right?” Cohen asked

Max said, “No. A little bit … If she’s watching from rehab, then cheer up a little bit.”

He also said he’s slept with more fans than anyone else in the group but he’s “not sure” about the actual number. He also hinted at hooking up with other celebrities.

Asked who was the biggest diva is – the boys thought about it a bit and then agreed on Nathan who is always late.

Cohen also asked who in One Direction did they think was most likely to come out of the closet.

George said Louis Tomlinson. That response drew angry responses from One Direction fans on Twitter. And the feud continues!


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  • 1Dfan

    Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are soulmates. Fans support their love. My TL wasn’t so much anger at the gay comment rather it wasn’t The Wanted’s place to out Louis, if he wants to stay in the closet. The One Direction anti-bullying campaign started the same day is this a PR manipulation to allow Louis and Harry to come out with less backlash for ALL their previous lies/bullying their own fans?