Avan Jogia: ‘Twisted’ Has Been My Life For The Last 3 Months


Avan Jogia and his Twisted co-stars Madelaine Hasson and Kylie Bunbury posed together recently. Kylie tweeted on Monday (June 10): “Tomorrow’s Twisted Tuesday folks! @MadelaineHasson @ATJogia @TwistedABCF @ABCFamily”

In an interview with Teen Vogue – Avan talked about the show and his life after Victorious.

On Twisted: “Twisted has been my life non-stop for the last 3 months. We’re shooting all day, every day. It’s a darker show and a lot of the stuff takes place at night, so we’re out until 5 o’clock in the morning. It’s a hard schedule, but it’s good because here’s the thing: When you’re doing something you really want to do and you’ve been excited to do for a while, it doesn’t matter.”

On the storyline: “It’s set around a kid who, after being in juvie for 5 years because he murdered his aunt, gets out and goes back to his high school. He tries to reconnect with this two best friends in order to try to get back to the life he had before he made such an awful mistake. But then someone at the school gets murdered and everybody blames him.”

On transitioning from Victorious to a dramatic show: “It was more serious on the Victorious set, actually. Comedy is a serious business! It’s a much more creative and collaborative environment in drama, whereas with comedy, you have to hit your joke at a certain time–it’s a skill I had to learn. I learned so much from that show!”

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