Jennifer Lawrence Credits Her Dad For Her Humor


Jennifer Lawrence attended the Canada Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada with her X-Men: Days of Future Past co-stars last Sunday (June 9).

X-Men Films tweeted a photo and wrote: “James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and @NicholasHoult at the Canada Grand Prix in Montreal”

In a piece in Popular Mechanics – the actress says she credits her father for her sense of humor.

“My dad always told me, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ And have a good sense of humor.”

Lawrence said earlier this year that she’s not comfortable on the red carpet – which usually has her saying witty quips.

She explained, “I’m afraid I’m going to go my whole life being scared like a chihuahua. It’s not my comfort zone. Making movies is where I belong. I shouldn’t be heard just talking. So, when I’m doing movies, I’m really happy. That’s where I’m comfortable, that’s my home. When you put me on a red carpet or on a stage, I turn into chihuahua Jennifer. I have no control over what comes out of my mouth. I would probably turn into a mute if I read what I said.”

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  • Lpdt

    She said that along time ago. Stop rehashing her old quotes again.