Ireland Baldwin: My Family Is Happy I’m Modeling


Parents don’t always approve of their kids’ career choices, but according to Ireland Baldwin her parents – Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger – are happy she’s chosen a career as a model.

“I think everyone’s really happy for me,” Ireland told ET. “It’s been, so far, just such a fun ride. They’re really happy that it’s building confidence for me and it’s getting me out there, so I think that everyone’s just motivating me to keep going with it.”

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s drawbacks. When asked if she gets nervous in front of the camera Ireland replied, “Oh my gosh yeah. I used to stand there [and] I had no idea what to do at all. It takes so much time to really get used to your body and your angles and what looks good and what completely doesn’t.”

And the teenager – who turns 18 in October – says ultimately she’d like to follow in her famous parents’ footsteps. “Hopefully, I’ll be beginning acting school by then,” she said of her upcoming birthday. “[I’ll be] just getting a little bit more serious about life…definitely kind of just trekking forward, onward with my journey.”

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