Daniella Monet: “Victoria And Ariana Will Always Be Near And Dear To Me”

Daniella Monet

Daniella Monet starred as Trina Vega on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. The actress and seven other stars of TV shows like Shake It Up and Jessie will soon appear live on stage together for the Tween Stars Live 2013 Tour. Kicking off on Saturday, July 27, this family-friendly event gives kids the chance to see their fave stars up close and personal! 

Celebrity Teen Scoop chatted with Daniella Monet about how she is preparing for the Tween Stars Live 2013 Tour, what it was like to work with Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande, and what she likes to do for fun. She also gave the inside scoop on her new dance/fitness DVD she has coming out soon!

CTS: You starred as “Trina Vega” on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. What was that experience like?

Daniella: “The experience was an all-around great one. Trina was such a fun and complex comedic role. I loved playing her!”

CTS: What was it like to work with Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande?

Daniella: “We had a great cast! Victoria and Ariana will always be near and dear to me…I loved working with them!”

CTS: You are going on the Tween Stars Live Tour 2013 with other young stars in July. How are you preparing for the tour?

Daniella: “I’ll probably do a little shopping!” [laughs]

CTS: What are you looking forward to doing the most on the tour?

Daniella: “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and seeing new cities!”

CTS: What is your favorite part about acting?

Daniella: “I love being creative and silly. Developing a character and making it your own is such a fun process!”

CTS: What do you like to do when you are not on-set or preparing for a role?

Daniella: “I love working out, dancing, cooking, and hanging out with my family and dog.”

CTS: What is one thing about yourself that is interesting and unique?

Daniella: “I love trying new things. I enjoy adventurous sports like motocross, martial arts, skateboarding, and camping.”

CTS: You also announced that you have a dance/fitness DVD coming out. Can you tell us about the DVD?

Daniella: “Yes! The DVD is really fun and easy for people of just about any age! I had such a great time putting it together and I hope people enjoy it!”

CTS: What inspired you to do the DVD?

Daniella: “I love dancing and being active and I wanted to share my passion for fitness with everyone else. I wanted it to be something anyone can enjoy and feel good about. It’s not at all pretentious. I’m not one to take myself seriously, so naturally the DVD comes across kind of silly.”

CTS: What do you plan to do this summer?

Daniella: “When I’m not working, I plan to take a few trips this summer. Maybe I’ll go somewhere tropical!”

The Tween Stars Live 2013 Tour kicks off Saturday, July 27 at Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Sterling Heights, Michigan. For complete event and ticket information, visit www.tweenstarslivetour.com.

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