Miley Cyrus Performs On GMA


Miley Cyrus arrived in New York City early Wednesday morning to perform for Good Morning America. She has tweeted photos of herself getting out of a plane and performing for the show.

During the interview – she confirmed she is still engaged to Liam Hemsworth. Asked if “wedding bells” are in her “future” – she replied, “I’m wearing a ring, so…”

Miley also continued on to say how she’s a different person than her Disney days.

“I think everyone just grows up, and you slowly start to become who you are. And that’s what’s so crazy, from the person I thought I was at 16, you’re completely different at 18, and at 20. I’m just excited to see where I’m gonna be in two years.”

Talking about her We Can’t Stop video – she explains, “The video is based on true events, some funny things that have gone down in my life so it’s been great, I feel like, to let people see that of me, and not just be the glammed-up beauty shot girl because that’s not who I am. I’m just about having fun.

“I feel like people need to know that we can’t stop. With everything going on, the world being the way that it is, I think people need to hear something that’s inspirational but also it’s just about having a good time.”

She added, “I feel like anyone that’s in my age group right now, that’s all we’re trying to do is just have fun and not stress out and not worry about being judged.”

With her parents’ marriage in trouble – the singer does have to keep positive. Recently she tweeted a photo of a mystery woman and wrote to dad Billy Ray Cyrus, ” Since you won’t reply to my texts I’m giving you an hour to tell the truth or ill tell it for you.”

She quickly deleted the message soon after.

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