Ed Sheeran Prefers Boxers


Ed Sheeran had an impromptu Q&A via Twitter last week and the singer revealed plenty of personal details, including what type of underwear he prefers: Boxers, since he “needs space to breathe,” he responded to a fan’s question.

Among the other tidbits he shared were his favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (Phish Food) and his toothpaste of choice (Colgate or Aquafresh.) Ed even answered the question of when he would be releasing new music.

“January,” was his response, which would fit in with what he has said in previous interviews, that he plans on spending October, November and December working on new material.

The ‘Lego House’ singer also answered a question about his 2010 Loose Change EP, admitting that it was made during a dark time in his life. “It was written and recorded during a pretty bad time,” Ed said, “but led to lots of good things.”

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