Demi Lovato: Bold & Beautiful


Demi Lovato looks bold in colors on the August issue of Fashion Canada.

She told ET Canada, “Photo shoots are interesting cause I’m a musician, I’m not a model. It ended up turning out to be a shoot that had… confident, bold looks and I really enjoyed it.”

The 20-year-old added the best way to look good is to “feel comfortable in what you’re wearing… or you’re not going to wear it right!”

Asked why she returned for another season of The X Factor she explained, “I decided to come back, because it was such an incredible opportunity for me and it got me in front of people that never knew who I was before.”

For now Demi is still performing on the road. She recently tweeted: “I’m performing at the Pop Tarts Crazy Good Summer show in Philly on July 17!!”

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Photo credit: Fashion Canada

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