Colette Carr: “You Can Never Say ‘Thank-You’ Too Many Times”


The newest singing and rapping sensation is here! If you love Ke$ha and Kreayshawn, you will go gaga over Cherrytree Records /Interscope artist Colette Carr. She just released her long-awaited 20-track debut album ‘Skitzo,’ featuring the hot top single “I Don’t Wanna Go.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently caught up with Colette about her debut album, the inspiration behind the single “I Don’t Wanna Go,” and how she got her start in song-writing by freestyling at a renowned rapper’s concert. The rapping queen also revealed that she does an interesting and unusual ‘jumping jacks’ ritual before every performance!

CTS: Tell us about your debut album, ‘Skitszo.’ What can fans expect to hear?

Colette: “‘Skitszo’ is my 20-track debut album. I made the songs as fast as I released them, leaving very little time to overthink the tracks. This helped me also keep ‘Skitszo’ as personal as possible. All my fans and ‘Goers’ can expect to hear my pop songs, my hard rap, and my journal entries about all the boys I loved.”

CTS: What is the inspiration behind the single “I Don’t Wanna Go?”

Colette: “‘I Don’t Wanna Go’ was inspired by my lifestyle; I really would rather hang out in a parking lot with brown paper bags and 7 of my best friends than get bottle service at a club with a bunch of people I don’t want to talk to. The track is about that pre-gaming moment when you and your homies are getting ready for a party, acting uncool, singing old throwback songs, and dancing around on tables. It’s about how time flies because you’re having fun, then someone remembers the party you’re supposed to be at and you all decide that you’d rather stay right where you are and continue being epic, a.k.a ‘I Don’t Wanna Go.’

The core night that inspired this track was when I was at a park in the Palisades with my best friends singing Ghost Town DJ’s ‘My Boo.’ We were supposed to meet up with more friends at a club, but we decided we’d rather stay right where we were and tons of people ended up joining us. It was a very primo night!”

CTS: How did you get your start in singing and song-writing?

Colette: “I jumped on stage at a Game concert and freestyled, which is when I knew I wanted to make music for a living. Writing songs came very naturally to me, and I definitely didn’t check to see if the water was warm; I just jumped in, grew, and learned along the way.”

CTS: Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

Colette: “My greatest musical influences are Eminem, Suzanne Vega, Andre Nikatina, Mac Dre, Jay-Z, Talking Heads, and Morrisey. I think they are incredible.”

CTS: How do you prepare for performances?

Colette: “This might sound strange, but I do a lot of jumping jacks before I get on stage. I also rap while I do them, because it helps with my breathing and it is also really fun.”

CTS: What advice do you have for young people trying to get into the music industry?

Colette: “My advice is to take your time. It’s not going to be easy, nor will any of it be fair. Grow and learn every step of the way, and be grateful for everything you accomplish and for the people who helped you along the way. You can never say ‘thank you’ too many times.”

CTS: What do you like to do when you are not writing songs or performing?

Colette: “I like hanging out with my mom, making yogurt soup, and taking my dog Pacino (a.k.a the love of my life) to the park or just cuddling with him and watching Boardwalk Empire or Girls. I usually work on my days off, but when I have a second to breathe, it’s all about quality time with the family. I also love swimming in the ocean and going to the movies, farmers markets, etc.”

CTS: What is up next for you?

Colette: “I never really know what’s next until it happens, because I try and stay in the moment. I’m continuing to make loads of music, and right now I’m in Atlanta working on some new stuff. I’ll continue traveling and touring as well. It’s all one step at a time, but I’m enjoying it (and tweeting about it) every step of the way!”

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