Kat Graham: My Character In ‘Vampire Diaries’ Will Be Brilliant In First Episode

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Kat Graham says juggling her music and acting careers is “hard”.

The Vampire Diaries actress – who has been busy promoting her new single Power – tells Access Hollywood, “It’s hard. It’s very hard. I won’t ever say that what I’m doing and how I’m doing it is easy. It used to be easy when I was just throwing up YouTube videos and running to LA to record on the weekends. It’s a lot. I never stop working.”

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Talking about picking out the single wasn’t easy either.

She explained, “Originally the process was, I had recorded about 60 songs… in April and I presented them to the label and they were like, ‘These are great, but we need a specific kind of thing for the next single.’ So they went and they sought out, tried to find that, I tried to find it and I recorded three more songs and one of the songs was Power.”

Vampire Diaries fans – she will be in the new season.

“I can confirm that I am in the new season and we’re starting where we left off. … We’re doing some great stuff. The first episode back is really, really great. I’m really proud about this episode and I’m really excited that people will get to see my work in it.”

Graham added, “I really loved what they did with Bonnie and it’s so interesting. Sometimes I’m like, ‘What more could they do with this character?’ They’ve given her a lot of things. There are a couple things that I’m like, ‘Wow! That’s definitely gonna come,’ but this perspective that they’ve given her in this first episode back is quite brilliant. I will tease that there is a [through] line from the beginning of the episode for Bonnie and the end of it and there’s one [through] line and I’ll be able to talk about it after the episode airs, but… I like it and I’m happy and I hope the fans like it.”

The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW on October 3.

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