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Dollar singer Maya Sienna is a self-taught singer/songwriter, dancer, and actress. Growing up in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida – she began singing at age 6. Maya recently opened up on her music and her involvement with the We’re Kicking It charity to Celebrity Teen Scoop.

CTS: You are the new spokesperson for the We’re Kickin It charity. What is the organization all about? What do you plan to do as the charity’s spokesperson?

MS: The multi-component campaign involves a leadership and learning center with preschool and after school programs; and also provides schools across the U.S. with: anti-bullying school projects, intervention programs, inservice workshops to help schools create a peaceful classroom, faculty and administration support leadership workshops, parent/guardian groups, student mentoring programs and social media monitoring and support. I will be traveling the country speaking to schools and educating them about Bullying and ways to defeat it as well as performing at the school assemblies.

CTS: How did you get involved with the cause? Why is the organization so important to you?

MS: It is so important to me because I have personally been bullied myself in Middle School. I was being interviewed on the Rendezvous Radio Show about my experience with bullying and how I overcame it. After the show, the radio hosts Cris and Alysia told me of the organization that they supported, Bullying…We’re Kickin’ It. I am so glad to be a Spokesperson for them!

CTS: You will perform at school assemblies across the country. How are you preparing for the performances?

MS: I am going to be singing my original songs including some that haven’t even been released! I have been perfecting the choreography for each or the songs and I am really looking forward to performing them!!

CTS: You are a major anti-bullying advocate. How did this come about?

MS: I was bullied really bad in Middle School and it really took a toll on my confidence and self-esteem. I turned my negative experience into a positive by following my dreams. I want to be a voice and inspiration for those who have been or are going through the same thing I did. I want to show them that you can follow your dreams no matter what and to never listen to those who tell you anything different.

CTS: Your new single “Dollar” is out on iTunes. What is the inspiration behind the song?

MS: I wrote “Dollar” about a boy I had a crush on. I wanted to let him know that I don’t care about how much he does or doesn’t have. And that I don’t need him to buy me expensive things like diamonds and pearls or take me to fancy places. I only care about him and what his heart has to offer. Anything else doesn’t matter to me.

CTS: How long have you been singing and song-writing, and how did you get your start?

MS: I have been singing since I was 6 years old. It was love at first song as I like to say! I would practice everyday and at the age of 13 I started posting videos on Youtube. I wrote my first song at 13 years old also. It came naturally to me…almost like a 6th sense. :)

CTS: Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

MS: Definitely Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Aretha Franklin, and Diana Ross! I have always looked up to them for their awesome stage presence and amazing vocals.

CTS: What do you like to do when you are not writing songs or performing?

MS: I love to hang out with my friends and family! I enjoy going to the movies and going to the beach!! I currently live in Florida and I must say that the beaches are so pretty here and the sunsets are amazing.

CTS: What advice do you have for young people thinking of getting into singing and song-writing?

MS: I say go for it! Give it your all and really put your heart into it!! Most importantly, never give up! If you want success as much as you want to breathe…then successful you will be.

CTS: What other upcoming projects do you have?

MS: The studio has been like my second home lately! I am working on a ton of new, original songs and I am super excited for everyone to hear them!! Stay tuned!

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    I am grateful to anyone who uses their platform to fight bullying! Out of my 5 kids both my sons 8 yrs apart were bullied shockingly horrifically and even in an alleged self proclaimed zero tolerance bullying school system they did absolutely nothing to help, as a matter of fact, some of the teachers even joined the bullying! I tried everything you can imagine and finally had to take my boys out. I seriously believe we need new stricter laws passed with REAL conseqences for bullies and perhaps their parents and unhelpful schools too.