Darren Criss: Selfie On The Set


Darren Criss posed with Glee castmates Chord Overstreet and Skylar Astin for this pic he posted on Instagram. Darren wrote, “Me, @ChordOverstreet & @SkylarAstin… And a #DramaticSelfie for you all. So glad to have our buddy Skylar on #Glee!”

Is it really a selfie since their are other people in it? We say, who cares – it’s Darren Criss!

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The 26-year-old recently had the opportunity to shoot a scene with legendary composer Stephen Sondheim for the HBO documentary Six by Sondheim. “It was heaven for me,” Darren said. “We had a great conversation about writing for actors and the spoils of war of doing that. It was the most delightful talk.

“I’m a consummate wisecracker,” he added. “It was fun sparring with this guy.”

Darren – who  considers himself to be a musical-theater geek ever since he was a kid in San Francisco – is a big fan of the composer. “Stephen Sondheim is one of the most important creative minds of our time,” he said. “Sondheim performed the hell out of the song.”

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