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Before You Exit: Meet The Band!


If you’re not fans of pop trio Before You Exit, you will be soon. This Orlando-based band of brothers – Connor, 19, Riley, 17, and Toby McDonough, 15 – is rapidly gaining followers and critical acclaim. And there’s no sibling rivalry here. “We actually get along really well,” Connor says. “I write vocal melodies, Riley writes lyrics, and Toby helps with both. There are never fights because each of us can do our own thing, but also contribute to each other.” To find out more about the band, their tour dates (they’re opening for Olly Murs) and their new EP release, head on over to Celebrity VIP Lounge!

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Selena Gomez & Ryan Seacrest: Tuned In


Selena Gomez goofed around with Ryan Seacrest on Monday morning (April 8) to promote Come & Get It. Selena said the tune has nothing to do with Justin Bieber and revealed she hasn’t been asked out by any guys since their split.

Ryan posted a photo via Instagram and wrote: “Guys, @SelenaGomez says she hasn’t been asked out yet. Your time is now.”

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Max Schneider’s Fans Fund His Album


Now that’s what I call fan-fueled. Max Schneider needed a little help funding his upcoming album ‘Nothing Without Love’ and his fans – who call themselves ‘Schneider Monkeys’ – got the job done! He wrote on Instagram:

“Still so overwhelmed with the excitement knowing that you all made this @kickstarter such a success! The people I love helping me make the music I love. There’s nothing better. Thank you.”

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Christa B. Allen Teases ‘Revenge’ Finale

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 8.00.50 AM

Christa B. Allen has posted new photos of herself this week. The Revenge actress shared a snapshot of herself holding the show’s script.

She writes, “How it all ends…. #S2 @revenge”

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Bella Thorne: Just A Smile


Wanna know Bella Thorne‘s beauty secret? It’s written all over her face. The Shake It Up star says happiness looks good on everyone, so she posted a pic of herself – without makeup – and wrote:

“A smile is the best thing you can wear #nomakeup #nofilter”

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Austin Mahone Hearts His Friends


Austin Mahone posed with his best friend, fellow YouTube star Alex Constancio, and posted the pic on Twitter. The ‘Heart In My Hand’ singer – who is looking so much like Justin Bieber here – wrote:

“He was there from the beginning and will be there til the end! Love you buddy ❤ @AlexConstancio #Bestfriend”

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